New Driver Rates

Dear Drivers,

In order to ensure Western Cars continues to be the best-earning source for its drivers, we have implemented a price increase across most of our categories. We are expecting these changes to add about £100 to a full-time driver’s weekly earnings, taking our average full-timer’s weekly earnings from £2400 a month to £2800 a month. The following are the details of the changes.

We are pleased to announce that we will be increasing customer and account fares from 31/8/21.


Cash Jobs: These are all jobs that are paid for by the customer in cash to the driver.

Cash Jobs Per Mile Rate
Was Now
Min Fare         3.00           3.50 
Mile 1 (Peak times)         3.00           5.50 
Mile 1 (Regular times)         3.00           3.50
Mile 2+         1.40           1.40 
Time  20p/min   25p/min
*Surge will be on top of these rates
* Mile 1 peak times: [22:00- 04:00 Fri,Sat]


Taxi Butler: These are jobs booked via a booking device placed at high turnover locations. We need to pay the booking device operators a fixed 50p charge per booking, hence the ‘Taxi Butler’ bookings are priced significantly higher than cash or card/account bookings.

Taxi Butler Per Mile Rate
Was Now
Min Fare         3.00           4.00 
Mile 1         1.40           1.40 
Mile 2+     1.40          1.40
Time  20p/min   25p/min 
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